Do You Want to Share Your Story Through My Site?

Do you have your own story you would like to share through my website? I can share your name as well or you can share confidentially. If you do share your name, please feel free to include links to any websites, podcasts, social media, etc. if you have them. Do you think you have you gone though postpartum depression, postpartum OCD, postpartum Anxiety and/or any other postpartum mood disorders? Do you or have you suffered from depression, anxiety, OCD or any other mental health disorders? What was the hardest time of your life, and how did you get through it? Are you still recovering, but still have something you want to share? Do you have anything else to share that relates to parenting and/or mental health? I would love for you to submit a guest blog to me! If I feel any edits are needed, I would let you know as soon as possible. Once any edits are made and your blog is approved, I would share on my own website and through my social media as well!

*Not a writer? I would be glad to tell your story for you or help you tell it. You could approve it before posting of course. Everyone has a story to tell. “Be the change, tell your story!”

*If you have something you want to share on my site, you do not feel fits into these categories, please submit to me anyways, and I will consider it and may be able to somehow tie it in. Thank you for interest!

Please email to:

Bio: Amanda Dodson Gremillion published her first book in 2012. She began revising it in 2019 and republished it as Just Buy Her A Dress and She’ll Be Fine. The story chronicles her experience with severe postpartum OCD, anxiety and depression. Amanda is a graduate of Auburn University, and now lives in Calera, Alabama, with her husband, Jay, their daughter, Aubrie, and their two dogs, Honey Girl and Cooper. She hopes to write more books in the future. Follow Amanda’s journey on Facebook,  or twitter at and order her book here.  Also, follow her on the Mighty here Amanda Dodson Gremillion | The Mighty Contributor or listen to her podcast here Just Buy Her A Dress and She’ll Be Fine • A podcast on Anchor . You can also find her on Instagram here Amanda Dodson Gremillion (@justbuyheradress) • Instagram photos and videos.


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