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You can now become a supporter of my podcast for as low as 99 cents per month! Just click the link below for details. If you are not able to afford to do this, you are still supporting me financially by listening to my podcast and coming to my website, thanks to occasional ads, but until I grow a larder audience over time, and as I wait for book sales to grow as well, these earnings are very small, so I continue to work full time, but as I make more money, I can work less and can dedicate more time to podcasting, blogging and promoting both, as well as promoting my book! It is my dream to do this full time. I am lucky to have another job I love in the mean time that will allow me to be off this summer, so I will spend as much time as possible this summer trying to produce as much work as I can. Thank you for your support!

Just Buy Her A Dress and She’ll Be Fine • A podcast on Anchor

Bio: Amanda Dodson Gremillion published her first book in 2012. She began revising it in 2019 and republished it as Just Buy Her A Dress and She’ll Be Fine. The story chronicles her experience with severe postpartum OCD, anxiety and depression. Amanda is a graduate of Auburn University, and now lives in Calera, Alabama, with her husband, Jay, their daughter, Aubrie, and their two dogs, Honey Girl and Cooper. She hopes to write more books in the future. Follow Amanda’s journey on Facebook,  or twitter at and order her book here.  Also, follow her on the Mighty here Amanda Dodson Gremillion | The Mighty Contributor or listen to her podcast here Just Buy Her A Dress and She’ll Be Fine • A podcast on Anchor . You can also find her on Instagram here Amanda Dodson Gremillion (@justbuyheradress) • Instagram photos and videos.


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